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Herbert H. Jones, Jr.


The ECCTAI Herbert H. Jones, Jr. Youth in Aviation Program (YIAP) started as an idea from Lonely Eagles Bill Broadwater and Ted Robinson back in 1996 in keeping with the Chapter's basic charge to continue the Tuskegee legacy and inspire minority youth.

The YIAP is divided into three levels:

Level I is designed to expose high school students (ages 15 - 19) to possible careers in aviation through discussions, activities, guest speakers and fieldtrips. Students meet in the fall at College Park Airport (where free classroom space has been generously donated since the program's inception) for all-day sessions on five consecutive Saturdays. The sessions cover aviation history, career overviews, and the basics of flight, air traffic control, maintenance and a small aircraft flight experience.

Level II is designed for the serious student who has decided s/he is interested in becoming a pilot. For those who qualify, ground school is conducted for 8 - 10 weekends to enable the student to pass the FAA written exam (a prerequisite to Level III). This is conducted in late winter/early spring as to not interfere with finals around the end of the school year.

Level III, the flying portion of the program, is held during the summer for students who have successfully completed Level II. They receive at least 15 hours of flight instruction through Herb Jones' Metropolitan Aviation Flight School at Hyde Field in Clinton, Maryland. The hope is that they will solo within that time.

The committee decided early on that it was better to help several students to at least solo (with the hope they would be inspired to continue) as opposed to just financing one student to receive a pilot license. The sense of "camaraderie" the Tuskegee Airmen experienced could not be achieved by focusing on just one student to completion.

The YIAP works with businesses, community influencers, citizens, and individuals willing to support the growing program.  We encourage annual donations to continue the "Legacy" workings with the Youths of the community.  Please contact the YIAP Director to sponsor students interested in aviation.

Download the brochure.  Young people interested in applying for YIAP should watch this page or contact

East Coast Chapter, Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
ATTN:  YIAP Director 
P.O. Box 8234

Washington, DC 20032-8234

YIAP Donation Goals

Collected: $430.00
Goal: $30,000.00


P.O. Box 8234
Washington, DC 20032-8234

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